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Custom Properties over View

Question asked by Andrew Wylam on Jan 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Kevin Chandler

As an over view what is the  best plan of action 

when adding Custom Properties type  to a  Drawing ,Assembly or part files for a project  


Some Properties  are easy to work out that they need to be in the drawing Files  however some others  they can be in an assembly or the part file or the drawing file


What is the best plan of action and plan of action  as to the pace you put them?


I assume that  things like client Project name drawing date drawn by  Project number 

Colour of an item are all in the drawing file although they can go in the part or assembly file as well

but if you are using the same parts for a number of different project for other clients   

What is the bets plan of action and keeping it simple to update

I am hoping to use the Properties tab builder and the Task scheduler to update the files as details change across the project 


What type of Properties should be in each file type  Part ,Assembly & Drawing files


In addition I assume you can also keep things simple if you have a material (not in SW properties list or  that has a brand name or suppliers ref No.) and you are not looking to extract   any data apart from  name as text (,IE colour Ref, part No ) Just   as text  this can be in the part or the assembly file





Any one have any advice to help cant find anything that covers this subject in detail


I have all the items working Tab builder Task scheduler and the custom properties.



In my case i have lots of projects  i will have 50-100 drawings and client will change a spec and i will need to revise details on a 100 drawings

it may just be a colour Ref: to a handle  from gold to silver or a pat number for a hinge

not a lot of work for one  drawing but get a little worse for 100 drawings!!