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Is Simulation 2016 slower than ever, or has my brain just sped up?

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by Chris Clouser

Had the priviledge of doing my first, relatively small analysis in Sim 2016.


S  L  O  W  .....


Way slower than 2015


And it messed up my settings, so I had to go back and set up my default units, file locations, etc etc,


Not appreciated.


The new feature that lets you know if there are any underconstrained parts was an answer to one of my enhancement requests.


Thanks, but, wow, that's very slow as well.  It actually has to mesh and run something or other!


Does it really have to be like that?  Can't you just look for parts that don't have any connections?


The contact visualization plot is great, but the reason I asked for the above feature is that I analyze weldments with hundreds of bodies.  All I can see is a bunch of red all over the screen.


Anyways, I better get back to this analysis.  Maybe by lunch I'll be able to see my second itteration.