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reuse adaptive mesh

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Keith Frankie

My question is: 

When I run a study with the H-adaptive (or P-adaptive) meshing option ON, how can I copy the optimized mesh to another study?





I'm trying to run a non-linear dynamic study using a time based load on an assembly with moving components.

I need non-linearity as I know that yield strength of the material is exceeded in localized areas of stress concentrations.

I need dynamics because I have a time-varied loading condition.


I've already proved out my contact sets, fixturing, etc. through a linear-static study, and am now working on convergence trying to find a good balance between accuracy and solve time.

My first linear static study took about 3 hours to run, and since I don't have an indefinite amount of time to spend playing with trend-tracker and mesh controls, I turned on the H-adaptive option to let solidworks do the heavy lifting. (set to 95% accuracy and a bias just slightly towards local, in case anyone is interested).


Now, when this new study completes (it's at ≈25% now and expect it to finis in the next 90 minutes or so) I want to take this optimized mesh and copy it over to the next study, which will  e a static-non-linear study to prove out the material non-linearity, and then eventually when I get that proved out, I'll again copy everything over to the final non-linear-dynamic study.