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    reuse adaptive mesh

    Steve Soeder

      My question is: 

      When I run a study with the H-adaptive (or P-adaptive) meshing option ON, how can I copy the optimized mesh to another study?





      I'm trying to run a non-linear dynamic study using a time based load on an assembly with moving components.

      I need non-linearity as I know that yield strength of the material is exceeded in localized areas of stress concentrations.

      I need dynamics because I have a time-varied loading condition.


      I've already proved out my contact sets, fixturing, etc. through a linear-static study, and am now working on convergence trying to find a good balance between accuracy and solve time.

      My first linear static study took about 3 hours to run, and since I don't have an indefinite amount of time to spend playing with trend-tracker and mesh controls, I turned on the H-adaptive option to let solidworks do the heavy lifting. (set to 95% accuracy and a bias just slightly towards local, in case anyone is interested).


      Now, when this new study completes (it's at ≈25% now and expect it to finis in the next 90 minutes or so) I want to take this optimized mesh and copy it over to the next study, which will  e a static-non-linear study to prove out the material non-linearity, and then eventually when I get that proved out, I'll again copy everything over to the final non-linear-dynamic study.

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          Keith Frankie

          Once the adaptive mesh has been formed you can copy it to other studies by dragging and dropping.  Grab the 'mesh' item from the simulation tree and drag it to the tab for the study you wish to copy it to.  Your cursor will turn from a circle with a line through it to an arrow, indicating you've found a valid place to drop the simulation object.  After you drop the mesh SW will switch to the new study.  SW can be a little finicky about dragging and dropping, you might want to 'show mesh' in the new study to confirm it actually transferred.


          Dragging and dropping is a quick way to copy lots of simulation inputs (mesh, loads, materials, etc.) from study to study.