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    Nirantar Vidyarthee

      I am trying to understand the IsSuppressed2 method.


      The first parameter is the Configuration option. The help does not give any explicit explanation of the configuration options. We have to assume it without being sure.


      For example: Does swThisConfiguration  option mean the current configuration? Then if it is so, why we need the second option - array of config names.


      Also, why the programmer has to create the array of config names. The software should internally do it. I am feeling confused.


      help me to clear this please.

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          Artem Taturevych

          Please see below:



          • swAllConfiguration - returns the suppression state for all configurations
          • swConfigPropertySuppressFeatures - returns the suppression states for feature marked as 'Suppress Feature' in Configuration properties dialog (not sure about this - never used this enum)


          • swLinkedToParent Valid only for derived configurations; if specified for non-derived configurations, then the active configuration is used
          • swSpecifyConfiguration - returns the suppression states for the specified configurations. Specify the configurations as array of strings (variant) in Config_names
          • swThisConfiguration - returns the single-element array of the state of the feature in the current configuration



               Array of configuration names. Only applicable if swSpecifyConfiguration is used in Config_opt - otherwise ignored