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Delete Waterjet Configuration API help

Question asked by Laura Arns on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Laura Arns

The macro ran beautifully a few times, and now it's coming up with an error on the line with PartConfigs = CmpDoc.GetConfigurationNames()


Nobody has changed the macro, and the parts I'm running are similar to the ones I ran before. Before this is run, we've opened an assembly, and run a script to go through each part within it, check for certain material types that would be run on the waterjet, create a waterjet configuration for those parts, undersize certain holes appropriately and suppress certain features within that configuration, then export a DXF of the largest face. When it finds a waterjet configuration already present, it just goes ahead and exports the face without updating for added holes or anything else. This tool is meant to be used in the main assembly, looking at each part within it, and deleting any waterjet configurations within them.


What can change the stability of a macro from one run to the next? How can I change this macro to be more stable? Somebody else did it initially so I'd also appreciate help fully understanding for instance why a temporary assembly needs to be created, or what the "(False)" in "myAsy.GetComponents(False)" is for. Below is the code:


Sub DeleteWJConfigB()


    Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

    Dim Assembly As ModelDoc2

    Dim CmpDoc  As ModelDoc2

    Dim myCmps

    Dim i As Long

    Dim myCmp As Component2

    Dim PartConfigs As Variant


    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks 'Tell VBA that you are using SolidWorks

    Set Assembly = swApp.ActiveDoc 'Select the open assembly

    Set myAsy = Assembly            'myAsy is a temporary assembly


'Get all the components in the assembly

myCmps = myAsy.GetComponents(False)


'Cycle through all the components of the assembly

For i = 0 To UBound(myCmps)


    'Temporarily sets myCmp as the "Active" part

    Set myCmp = myCmps(i)

    'Get the model information of the active part

    Set CmpDoc = myCmp.GetModelDoc

    'Get all the configuration names of the active part

    PartConfigs = CmpDoc.GetConfigurationNames()



    'Macro only runs on parts with more than 1 configuration (this was just to save some time)

    If UBound(PartConfigs) > 0 Then


        'Activate the default configuration (You cannot delete the waterjet config if it is active

        ConfigName = CmpDoc.ShowConfiguration2("Default")

        'Delete the waterjet configuration

        ConfigName = CmpDoc.DeleteConfiguration2("Waterjet")


    End If


Next i


'User Feedback

MsgBox ("Operation Complete")


End Sub