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Question asked by perry leets on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by perry leets

I am evaluating SWE 2015 to determine if it can fit our needs. I work in the aviation field, so my type of wiring diagrams are vastly different than what SWE seems to be geared towards.

However I do see a couple people in the forums who are also in the avionics field, so maybe a little tweaking and it will work.


First, I have a very basic question on workflow. It appears there are two main divisions, a "line diagram" (which we often employ at the beginning of a project, but we refer to as a block diagram) and a wiring diagram, or "scheme". Although I read that the line diagram is not mandatory, it certainly appears that way. I was playing around with a wiring diagram, inserted a custom connector (please tell me where I can download amphenol/mil-spec connectors for SWE, there where none in the "expansive" database), hooked up a few wires, then found that the insert cable command is not available in the wiring diagram tool palette. It looks like you have to be in a line diagram to insert a cable and associate its cores.

If I have to define hundreds of wires/cables/connectors in the line diagram it seems to defeat the purpose (simple overview) of the line diagram, not to mention duplicating all that work in the wiring diagram.

Also, in the line diagram, I need to place a symbol for a primary flight display, this box has three large (44 to 78 pins) connectors on it. I do not see a way that I can have multiple connectors on a single symbol so that I can associate my custom manufacturer parts to these connectors. Do I need to three symbols for the display unit? each one with a different connector being utilized?

I'm sure I will have many more questions so I hope you guru's will tolerate me, I know there is even one or two avionics guys here who will be well acquainted with what I am doing. I could use a mentor

The info that comes with SWE has not been a lot of help. There is also a plethora of you tube videos out there but they rarely address the questions I have.

Thanks for any help!