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    Rotate with triad accuracy

    Keith Carter

      I have found that using the ROTATE function of the MOVE WITH TRIAD tool results in an inaccurate rotation.


      When rotating a part that has free movement, i'm starting the move with triad command by right clicking on the part. Once the arrows and semicircle appears, I click on the semicircle and start to rotate the part. If I want 180 deg I will keep the mouse over the large hash marks locking to every 15 deg. Stopping on the 180 mark seems to over rotate by .5 deg.


      We have two seats of SW2016, both do the same thing. Anybody else find this to be true?



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          Frank Krockenberger



          not sure about 2016,

          If you RMC your mouse on the semi circle you can select 90 or 180


          check your spin increments in system settings, could be set at 15deg.



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              Keith Carter

              Thanks for the response Frank.


              I didn't notice this in 2014 or earlier versions.

              I did try the RMC option for 90 or 180 and that work as expected.

              My spin increments are set to default 1 deg.


              The inaccuracy is consistent when using the large hash marks or the small ones to to land on what should be a whole number. It's always .5 deg off.


              It's not so much that can't get the rotation I need another way, just making sure I'm not missing something with this feature.