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    CFD simulation for lift and drag

    Bryan Linberk

      Hi all,


      Firstly, I'd like to apologize if this has been asked elsewhere, though I did a search of the forums with no luck.

      My question pertains to how Solidworks calculates lift and drag forces for an aerodynamic body with external flow.

      I am an undergrad student and just started aerodynamics in school. For a simple analysis, I choose to treat the problem with an inviscid fluid under ideal conditions (i.e. no aerodynamic heating, Mach # < 0.3, etc). If choosing "Ideal Wall" as a boundary condition, then the fluid is treated as a non-viscious fluid, and hence boundary layer formation doesn't exist. How then, does Solidworks compute the lift and drag forces without a boundary layer since it is in this layer where the pressure and shear stress are present?

      Thanks for the help.



      -Bryan Linberk