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Export configurations to multiple Parasolid Binary (.x_b) files using macro

Question asked by Mateo García-Feuss on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2016 by Mateo García-Feuss

For the work I'm doing I need to populate a catalog with about 1500 different parasolid files. These are generated from each individual configuration from several Solidworks models that I have. So far the only way I have of doing this is through the manual export process of "Save as", which, by my estimate, will take me about thirty hours of labor to complete.


I'm sure that the use of a macro would make my life much easier and allow me to complete this project far faster. So far I've been trying to use DocExport as suggested in another thread:Macro - export to IGES for multiple configurations as suggested by Deepak Gupta.


The issue here is that whenever I run it it doesn't seem to actually create the files I need. It processes them, yes, and occupies my CPU for a good while, so I'm certain that it's actually doing the work - but I can't find where the output files are. The readme suggests that they should be in the same directory as the source, but there's nothing there.


Would anybody be able to assist me in this, or perhaps download and run DocExport on their own machine and see if the problem is isolated to myself? I would greatly appreciate any assistance.