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Make equation to be used in drawing for dimensions?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Dave Krum

Good morning All,

I'm wondering if equations can be used when making a drawing (have used these in parts but never tried for drawings).  Up until this point, I've always been using the ol' calculator to add numbers and then manually type in the values for my dimensions which have additional lines from the "real value".  Basically, I have 3 lines for a given dimension (see below for clarity).  The first one is the true <dim> value, then the text above it simply adds .0625 to the first value, then the 3rd line of text adds .1875 to that of the second.  I didn't see "equations" from any pulldowns (i.e. tools menu) when in the drawing module.  Is there some way to automate this to eliminate calculator or keying input error?  Thanks in advance