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Revision Control - Best Practices

Question asked by Ian Woodward on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Chris Guerrero

I just want to check if I'm doing a few things correctly. I am currently using Solidworks Explorer to control parts.


- I have a part, AP1021. This part is currently revision 'A', I now make a change and the part is up issued to revision B. (I control this using a property). What do I now do with the revision A file? At the moment I save out revision A as a 'pack & go' to a folder called 'OLD' and I would call the file AP1021_A.


- I have an assembly, PJ131. This assembly has 26 different parts, one of which is AP1021. Am I correct in saying that in changing AP1021 I do not need to up issue the assembly. An assembly would only be up issued if a part was added / removed?


Thanks for any help in advance.