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How to choose the correct body orientation when modeling. 

Question asked by Anton Petrov on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Eric Blankinship

Please help me settle a debate with my coworkers.


I have been modeling in SW for many years but back in my education days i never took any computer drafting classes and never learned proper drafting/modeling conventions.  My company designs bicycles. When i start a model of a bicycle frame, i choose the Right plane to coincide with the logical right plane of the finished product.  So when you look at a bicycle from the right, that is the right plane.  But everyone else here models with the Front plane being the right side of the bicycle. Their reasoning is that when a 2D drawing is created, the major view of the frame model is its right side.  Because it is the main view, the drafting convention calls that view to be on the Front plane. 


I think that because the finished product has planes that coincide with our human planes then it should be modeled as such.  If the object doesn't have a logical front/side then it should be modeled based on which view would be the major view in production 2D drawings. 


I believe that in the automotive industry the Front plane is that of the Front of the car.  I gather that from a bunch of Alias tutorials that i have done in which the car is always positioned in that way. 


Obviously this debate is mostly philosophical because i could literary just click on a Right plane and rename it to Front plane.  But there is also a practical aspect for me because when we collaborate, my models are always rotated relatively to everyone elses models. 


Thank you for your input.