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Routing Issues

Question asked by Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Mladen Pavlovic

I've come across a lot of significant issues in the short time I've been using routing, and I'd like to know if these are widespread known issues that are being addressed, or if it's just me.


1) Everything in the Route Parts folder disappears, and can't be recreated. My Route Parts folder will suddenly be empty, leaving me with just my CPoint and Route Path. I can't get the parts to come back, and trying to create a swept part manually within the route assembly usually results in a crash.

2) CPoints lose edge references randomly. Every once in a while I'll notice that my route no longer lines up with my fittings. I'll investigate to find that the CPoint has lost it's reference. Luckily I can usually re-add the reference without blowing away the entire route.



3) Direction of CPoint flips randomly, and can't be manually changed after creation. My Cpoint direction will change at random, pointing in the wrong direction and messing up my entire route path. If I edit the CPoint feature, I find the "reverse direction" checkbox grayed out! I'm unable to fix this, and usually have to recreate the entire route.


What can I do about this?