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There is a problem with this Route Assembly which means that it cannot be flattened>

Question asked by Dwight Jarrett on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by Ben Gundermann

I created a Wire Line Diagram using Solidworks Electrical. The Line diagram consist of just 2 connectors and a cable joining the two. I created the harness from SW Electrical and proceeded to route the harness using Solidworks Electrical 3D plugin. Then once I try to flatten the route, I receive the message above. I received 0 error message or warnings when routing the harness. I am very novice at using Solidworks.


I attempted to build this cable using the Route Cable option in SDW3D which works just fine, but when Flattening the route my connectors dissappear.


My end goal is just to create a harness/cable diagram that calls out the assembly and outputs a BOM. Eventually I would like to add other components onto this cable such as labels, crimp terminals, heat shrink...etc. Which I also need called out on a BOM. Is this possible?