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Property Tab Builder

Question asked by Ian Woodward on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Ian Woodward

Hello chaps,


I created a custom property tab a few years ago which contained a drop down menu with 10+ options. I'm now trying to create a new custom property file but seem to be limited to only 4 options. Do you know how I can get around this?

Pro Builder.jpg


Also, where is the best place to add a part description? I want this description to be used in drawings and to be used as a search criteria when looking for a part. I've always done this using a tab in the property builder (and linking it to the drawing) but I don't believe this works as a search criteria when searching for a part. I've noticed you can add a description when saving the part which I imagine links to explorer? Can you link this to the drawing?


(using Solidworks Explorer to control parts)