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    Best Practices for Large Assembly Management in SOLIDWORKS

    Alin Vargatu

      I am inviting you to a crazy brainstorming session Monday, the 1st of February, in Dallas.

      If you would answer YES to any of these questions, please meet me at 10:30 am in Ballroom C1 at SOLIDWORKS World.


      1. Do you drink a lot of coffee waiting for your assemblies to load?
      2. Have you seen rebuild icons glued on components in the feature tree?
      3. Do you need to simplify any complex geometry fast, without loosing visual details?
      4. Do you participate in design reviews?
      5. Do you need to visually locate and open component files fast?
      6. Do you have many configurations in your assemblies?
      7. Do you need to protect your intellectual property (IP) when sending files to your customers and suppliers (give them only what they need)?


      Session ID: 1682


      Session Title: Best Practices for Large Assembly Management
      in SOLIDWORKS 2016


      Session Category: CREATE - Modeling Essentials


      Session Type: Breakout Session


      Session Level: Intermediate


      Session Length: 90 Minutes


      Session Description: Did you know that SOLIDWORKS has to go through 5 (five) distinct phases when opening an assembly? The opening time is impacted by specific factors in each phase. Attend this presentation and learn about all the tools and techniques for predicting, troubleshooting and drastically reducing slowdowns.


      Attendee Benefits: SOLIDWORKS users who applied the unique set of best practices included in this presentation reported time savings of 50-90% when working with large assemblies. If you have read all the relevant books and forum threads and still are not 100% satisfied with your performance, attend this session.

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