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    Migration: Windows to WorkgroupPDM.

    Ben Fulton

      Hello all,


      So I am moving a business's entire CAD system into Workgroup PDM (yes there are better options but lets forget those here)


      There is approx. 35,000 solidworks files. 30% could be deleted as they are copies of other files - these happened due to people doing a pack and go into new folders for next level revision and 90% of those files in the pack and go didn't actually change, so there is quite a lot of files that are identical but the REFERENCES are everywhere. Epic headache territory.


      To say this is a massive task to go through each set of files and reassign the references to just one common file is an understatement, as those who know this is entirely to do with the fact that wPDM will only allow single copies of the same file name.


      My question:

      Is there any intelligent tools or macros that can help minimize the workload for such a headache?


      For the most part it is quicker to adjust the names of the multiple copy files just so I can get the lot in the vault and then fix references there, which seems easier. But still incredibly time consuming. Maybe I am going about this wrong? Advice welcome.


      I don't like icebergs. They need to be obliterated with excessive force. This task is an iceberg. I want to end it!!!


      I appreciate any help and questions to help clarify what I am doing.




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          Jeff Sweeney

          It is possible. I've written tools to do this....but creating the tools is the "easy" part. The hard part (at least for a computer or macro to do) is deciding which part wins [in cases where they have a different time stamp].


          You typically cannot say the newest wins, because the new file may not be backward compatible....and vice versa about saying the oldest wins. Either way you're likely to at best break mates. At worst, completely lose the design intent. A macro won't check this though, it is going to go through 200 mph ripping this all out. You may not fully realize the damage for years down the line when someone opens an assembly and has no idea what happened.


          It takes a human/intern. (I've heard that interns actually are humans, more research needs done here.)


          Workgroup? Really? Obviously it does not permit duplicate file names. That's your iceberg. PDM Standard will accept duplicate file names, and with it you can get information out of the database to help you find the duplicates. (Pro even has tools to help you fix the duplicates.)

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            Charley Saint

            I'm with Jeff, if you plan on ever upgrading to 2016 or beyond don't go to workgroup. Migrating from Windows to (E)PDM is much easier and you'll have access to standard with any license that could access WPDM.