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Subtracting one part from other parts of the same assembly?

Question asked by Shailesh Joshi on Jan 28, 2016
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Hi all,


I am aware of the Cavity and Combine (subtract) function in SW. Within a same assembly, I want to subtract one part from all other parts all at once but I am struggling. The Cavity function allows to edit one component of the assembly at a time and if I would try to create a cavity in the next part I get severe error messages. I tried saving the assembly as a part itself but the combine>Subtract function allows to select only one Main Body (Part from which it is subtracted) and allows to choose multiple bodies to subtract and I want to do exactly opposite. I've also tried to combine>Add for rest of the parts and then subtract the one from them but that wouldn't give me desired results. Is there a way to tweak this?


Thanks very much