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Explanation of workflow conditions?

Question asked by Ethan Kay on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Michael Dekoning

I'm trying to set up SolidWorks PDM Standard and since there is no admin guide available for it yet and the EPDM guide is only available for $1500 by taking the training I was hoping to get some help here.


The transition conditions in PDM for text are a bit confusing, I understand the "Text Equal to", "Text Not Equal to", "Text Contains" and "Text does not contain"


What I am trying to figure out is how to use the other options Text <, Text >, Text <=, Text>=, and "Text Compare".  What I am trying to do is check that text is in a spacific string format since the way the Document ID filed is applied as an attribute it is not possible to set a mask in the database.  Our document number format is ####-####-XXX and without the mask some people can get lazy leaving out the dashes or mistyping numbers.