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handling single computer with multiple users

Question asked by Eric Allen on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Marvin Stettner

I'm looking for a solution for a standup console computer in our machine shop. I need to allow many different users to check in machine code and request approval. I also need to allow many users to just have read only access. All users are currently using one user account in Windows. The problem I have is that nobody logs off of EPDM and then the next person just uses the last person's credentials. I would like to have one EPDM user called "SHOP" that has read only access to one file type and no password. This has been working well and I don't see a security risk. I then want to have EPDM users for each person that would like to check files in and request approval.

For credential management I would consider a magnetic strip card, a usb token or just a password.


My first question is, how do I auto log off users? The auto log off feature in EPDM doesn't work because it only logs them off when their is a shortage of licenses and then logs them back in when there are licenses available. Is there a way to kill the EPDM process after a certain amount of inactivity?


My second question is if there is a way to streamline the login process? We will have about 20 read/write users using this PC.


Lastly, training the users to logoff is not an option. Most of these users have very little computer skills and I have been trying to teach them to log off and it is not going well.


Thanks in advance!