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Bye bye Plastics...

Discussion created by Radoslaw Szmid on Jan 28, 2016
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Here is probably my last post on this forum regarding SW Plastics as we're definitely switching to a professional and buggy free software made by true experts to be used by serious engineers and analysts...

I've been struggling with this add-in for more than a year now and after installing SW2016 SP 2.0 EV I'm sure it's over...

I have to tell you all that if you are serious about plastic flow simulation do not make the same mistake we've made.

This application has so many issues that are not being solved for months, many times the results itself are irrational and the whole bug fixing system (SPR) is a joke in my opinion.

What's more we decided to stop continuing the subscription service so we're in fact abandoning the whole premium package.

I believe if you're a designer, you might still get some benefits from Plastics module (mostly Flow analysis) but as you become more advanced and go deeper trying to simulate some more serious things with complicated geometries, cooling systems etc you will realize how bad this add-in really is.


Here is my last example base on which you can clearly see that Plastics cannot properly simulate even the basic behavior of injection molding process.

The same example solved in Moldex3D gives you expectable results from the very beginning.

Same material (Viscosity,PVT, mechanical properties etc), same model, very similar mesh (BLM with two skin layers - 5 elements through thickness), same process:

Moldex3D_fill time_classic U curve.jpg

SW Plastics_fill time_classic U curve.jpg





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