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    Replace component but keep the original part

    David Steinweg

      Hey guys,


      Working in SW2013 here.


      I have an enclosure assembly with several configurations that is housing a bunch of electrical components. I need to add a configuration that will use a new enclosure box.


      There are a lot of mates that go with the enclosure box since a lot of the components are mated to it.


      I can't use "replace components" because it will replace the original enclosure with the new one. I need to keep the original for the first several configurations.


      I can't use copy with mates either because the enclosure has a lot of mates and it gives me a message that it will only copy the first 12 external mates.


      Can anyone think of a way to get around to doing this without me needing to manually add the roughly 100 mates one by one?




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          Thomas Voetmann

          Just a long shot not knowing more details.

          Could you make a new configuration of the enclosure box, and modify this to be the new box. Then you can switch between the two boxes in your assembly.

          As a last resort - I would not recommend it - make the new configuration in the enclosure box (part?), suppress all features and make a new box in the same part. Autch.

          If you must have two separate enclosure box part files in your assembly, you might use this method (not tested): Right click on your part in feature tree and select "Form new subassembly". Open the new subassembly - make a new configuration and insert the new part so you have two configurations each showing one of your boxes. Manage the configurations in your top assembly so they show the correct box. Finally dissolve the temporary subassembly. Your mates should be preserved.

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            Bjorn Hulman

            Hi David,


            It's a dirty trick, but you could create the new configuration, hide the enclosure and exclude it from the BOM for that configuration. You can then drop the new enclosure in. All mated parts will still be mated to the original, so if you need to shuffle any parts around you can suppress the original mates and create new ones for that configuration.