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Distributed loading - what do I get when I apply force

Question asked by Jesse Coull on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Jim Riddell



I am simulating two separate loading scenarios on a tapered, circular cross section beam.


1. Uniformly distributed loading


2. Linearly distributed loading


First question: When I apply a force and specify a magnitude, is that the total force applied to the selected surface? I.e. if I specify 40 N, and the beam is 1m in length, that is equivalent to a uniformly distributed load of 40N/m?


Second question: Is the only way to apply a non-uniform distributed loading to specify the body as a beam? When I have specified it as just a solid body (not a beam), I input an equation in the nonuniform distribution section and it appears the inputted equation is F(x,y,z), which is not really a distributed loading, but instead a variable force. It seems that I want an equation to be in terms of Force/ Length. I've been playing with this, and it has been confusing me.


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