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DimExpert - Leading/Trailing Zeros

Question asked by John Wayman on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Bjorn Hulman

Good morning,

I am just having an initial look at DimExpert, to see whether it is useful.

My first attempt resulted in it adding a whole load of dimensions, none of which had leading zeros where I wanted them and all of which had trailing zeros where I did not want them (e.g. tolerance +/-.50, rather than +/-0.5).


My document settings result in the format I want when I create a dimension, or when I import drawing items. Only DimExpert seems to do the tolerances differently.


Let's not get into a discussion regarding whether or not what I want is correct to a given standard.


Is it possible to set DimExpert to make tolerances show the way I want? If so, what settings should I change?


SW2014, SP5