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import stp file

Question asked by robert dattilo on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Albert Griego


      I noticed possibly with the switching to 2015, that I'm having difficulty just opening a stp file. I guess stp is the same as step. At any rate I have my 3/d connexion mouse, & I do have Creo on my computer, although I seldom use it. When I try to open the step it's like SW isn't seeing it, then windows asked would I like to open recommending my the 3/d connexion or Pro E. It recommends those two, and lists a myriad of second choices, yet SW is not listed, so I can't point to it. At times when double clicking it, it will open it somehow in the 3/d connexion software, but nothing really shows up. How would I re-set my system so that SW is my default to open step or stp files, or at least get the file to come up somehow.


Thanks, in advance;

Rob_D SW 2015 Sp5.