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    Linking BOM's across different assemblies

    Peter Jones

      SW 2014 SP 3.0    BOM of Assembly A is inserted into a drawing.  Assembly A is a sub-assembly to Assembly B.  I insert drawing View of Assembly B and want balloons to link back to Original BOM.  Option to link to specific BOM is not accessible.  What am I missing?

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          Ed Cyganik

          What you are missing is the basic functionality and capability of Bills of Material.


          Subassembly A contains 10 components

          ...add BOM and 10 components are displayed.

          Assembly B is comprised of 2 subassemblies and 8 components

          ...how can the original BOM (for subassembly A) account for the additional subassembly and components?


          Possible Solution:

          Create drawing for Assembly B

          ...add "indented" BOM.

          This type of BOM would display all components and subassemblies including subassembly A and all of its components.