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    Help with modelling a simple tool

    Jake Smith

      I am trying to make a model of the attached drawing but am having trouble visualising the middle part of the engineering drawing. I was wondering if someone could describe it to me



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          Taghi Nasiri


          I think the impact of the fillet bottom with the hole caused.


          when you create fillet you must check use keep  surface  option


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            Bjorn Hulman

            I'd be inclined to do the large fillet first, cut the hole, then the small fillets around the hole.

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              Kevin Chandler



              It's two triangular (and equally opposite) pockets.

              In your image, there's no dimensions sizing or locating these pockets, including their depth.

              The remaining material between the pockets is parallel, but the part's outer faces aren't. Again, unspecified.

              So modeling will be an approximation, unless these are specified elsewhere.

              It appears to be a machining drawing for a forging or casting, so perhaps these data are on that drawing.


              The edges and bottom face of each pocket are filleted together at R12.


              A 58 dia hole goes through the material remaining between the pockets. This hole is sized and located, but its chamfer (along with the pocket chamfer) isn't specified.


              The reason the 58 dia hole section bulges out is the interaction between the hole cut against the pocket fillet (it'll be easier in SW if you model the hole after adding the pocket fillet to achieve the same).


              I hope this helps you.