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Rename in WPDM - Nearly worked...

Question asked by John Wayman on Jan 26, 2016
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I had a sub-assembly which was called:


Linear Outfeed Stage GA.sldasm


I needed it to be renamed:




I therefore made sure I owned the assembly, and the top level assembly it is used in, and even the components making up the assembly.

I right-clicked the assembly and selected 'Rename'. Sure enough, the Rename appeared to occur.


When I looked more closely at the vault, however, the assembly is shown as:


MCP0178-005.sldasm <Linear Outfeed Stage GA>




I deleted every trace of the top level assembly from my local hard drive and checked out the top level assembly again. Sure enough, there is no file in the target directory called


'Linear Outfeed Stage GA.sldasm'


but there is a file called




This is looking good.


I opened the top level assembly in Solidworks


Imagine my surprise when, nestling snugly in the Model Tree, I saw a sub-assembly called


Linear Outfeed Stage GA.sldasm


when, according to Windows Explorer, there is no file of this name in the directory.


What am I doing wrong?

Why won't this wretched PDM(ish) system just rename the file I want to rename to the name I want it to have?


Software: SW2014 SP5


Tether: end almost reached