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Delta P vs Flowrate pipe flow problem.

Question asked by Chris Weindorf on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Amit Katz

I am trying to simulate pipe flow through a 5” Sch 10 pipe running vertically about ~14 feet as shown in attachments. I would like to first benchmark my Flow Simulation model against the same model in BOSFluids.  For a delta P of 2psi I expect to get an average flowrate of ~22 ft^3/s and an average velocity ~144 ft/s.  When I apply a boundary condition of 5 psi at the inlet surface and 3 psi at the outlet surface in Flow Simulation I get a an average velocity ~1000 ft/s.  Conversely, if I apply a flowrate of 22 ft^3/s at the inlet and 3psi at the outlet, the velocity is close to 144 ft/s but the delta P between the outlet and inlet surfaces is ~0.01 psi.  Can someone help with what I could be doing wrong with my Flow Simulation model?  My mesh is set at level 5 with ‘minimum gap size’ equal to 0.5*inside pipe radius and ‘minimum wall thickness’ equal to 0.5*pipe wall thickness with narrow channel refinement checked. Goals are selected for Av Velocity, Av Static and Av Total Pressure.