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Simulation meshing fails everytime...

Question asked by Anthony Kuban on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Anthony Kuban

Alright ladies and gents. I have a fairly sophisticated assembly iv'e been working on. It resembles an airplane wing air-frame. There's roughly 3 different materials being called out to individual components. The assembly itself probably only has around 50 or so components (most being duplicates).


My issue is every time i go to do a simple simulation i get meshing errors like wildfire. Nothing ever seems to mesh nicely with this software. I can, individually go through and mesh each component in the study tree... and run a simulation. But when i do i get meshing errors again.. even though it was meshed...


Does anyone know of a commonly made mistake that often cause simulation to do this? I have tried many different ways to mesh. It seems to hate both large and normal displacement modes. Also seems to hate both rough and fine meshing methods. I'm about out of things to try.


Message was edited by: Anthony Kuban Here's the whole project folder. I'm sure it will come down to how i have geometry set. I'm not asking anyone to fix this for me unless they feel so inclined... but more or less just tell me what i did wrong if you can.