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Using Remote Loads to Simulate a Davit Arm

Question asked by Andrew Taylor on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Andrew Taylor

Hi All,


I'm new on these forums so apologies if I'm not doing this right!

I'm looking for some feedback on a simulation I've done to see if I have done it correctly and will be getting accurate-ish results.


I'm currently designing a small bracket to weld to a vessel deck with 4 bolt holes to support a small davit arm system.

I am trying to simplify the simulation by just having the bracket itself and representing the davit and load carried by the davit by loads.

So I have the davit weight of 28kg as a vertical load on the base, and the max davit load of 205kg acting as a direct transfer remote load at the height and horizontal position of the davit wire. The type of davit and base to be connected are shown in the images below.


I have attached the part file with simulation for anyone who can to have a look at.

Thanks in advance





davit arm.jpg

davit base.jpg