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    Can you format a datacard field?

    Ethan Kay

      I'm digging around in the PDM Standard (EPDM) setting trying to figure out how to set some properties that will help users fill in the data-cards. Since the back end of this is sql there should be a way to set up a mask for the database fields so that users need to enter them in a specific way.  I would like to set the mask for part number because we are trying to bring different number systems together and i would like to make it more difficult to incorrectly fill in some fields on the form.

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          Craig Schultz

          You can. I have used it for naming conventions.  Drop down lists which are controlled by previous lists. (controlled by variable)  This went from numerous ways people were naming purchased parts into a structured naming convention.  I guess I would need more info as to how you want to format (pic).