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Rotational Force For Motion Study

Question asked by Curtis Perrin on Jan 25, 2016



I'd like to setup a simulation of a puck on a flat plate. There is just contact friction forces between the two objects and gravity holding the puck down. I'd like to then apply a force (or velocity) to the object such that it rotates around an arbitrary axis. The puck should then move away from the axis due to centripetal acceleration. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. Rotational motors/forces just want the object to spin around some sort of constrained axis like a wheel. I've tried using a motor that is relative to a plane which is contrained to be coincident with the axis of rotation but the motor direction doesn't change dynamically it's just relative to the planes initial orientation. The only other idea is to apply two motors with sinusoidal magnitudes that are out of phase such as to create a circular net velocity. This isn't a practical solution however as the initial orientation of the puck to the axis I need to be arbitrary.