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Faces Go bad when in sketcher with grid on in swks2014 onwards - any workarounds ? pleaaase

Question asked by Mark Sanders on Jan 25, 2016

Hey Guys any suggestions ??

VAR has confirmed its an issue and SWKs has added it to the 'to be fixed list' aka spr's

BUT its driving me MAD :-)

Ghosting in sketcher with grid on 2015 plus v small.jpg


see pic above and attached - yes all kosher hardware dell4800 with certified graphics and drivers W7 64bit)

We are on 2014 2015 and earlier to support several client's on earlier versions .. VAR said thjis is still not fixed on 2016 so no incentive to upgrade yet

(OH if only there was full  backward compatibility .. but that discussion is well trodden :-) )