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    Script Error

    Bob Herfindahl

      Script Error when opening SW15.  Please maybe someone can offer a solution to stop this error message that pops up when I open SW.

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          J. H.

          I came across this issue about an hour ago.

          I think I found a temporary patch by deactivating the "Solidworks forum" add-in.

          (at least I haven't seen the error since switching it off)


          If anyone has an actual solution, it would be nice to hear from you.


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            Dennis Bacon

            Very interesting.. I just started up my SW and got the same message twice in a row. Seems like you can select "No" without any issues. Seems like something like this pops up every six months or so then goes away.

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              Sdiri Marwa

              Me too just a moment ago i had the same problem.So I think it is related to solidworks web pages changes or updates.Mine was a null length parameter which has nothing to do with my solidwoks api application.

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                Worth Berry

                I get the same error in 2016.

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                  Bob McGuirk

                  We have multiple users who are seeing this problem, just started about 11:30am EST or so. Just noticed that our Solidworks SolidNet License Server is also not responding, may not be related, going to check the server.

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                    Ryan Zeck

                    Hey all,


                    Looks like it might have to do with Internet Explorer, take a look at this kb article:


                    This is associated with the SolidWorks Resources tab of the task pane.  This content is generated from an html page that runs vbscript and JavaScript code and the failure indicates that a function in the code is not defined. This will occur if Internet Explorer® is preventing the html file from running scripts or ActiveX controls. 


                    Try opening swresources.html from <SW install folder>\SolidWorks\data\taskpane\solidworks resources.  If the content is not populated, try refreshing the page or press F5 on the keyboard.  Choose "Allow blocked content" if prompted and the page should populate.  Leave the html page open and try to start SolidWorks to see if the issue persists.


                    Hope that helps,