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Sketch Relationships not moving together multi body part?

Question asked by Jim Moses on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Frank Gillette



Ok, I have a sketch of a circle to create a label, now after i created the logo to go in it which utilizes a edge of the initial sketch, now the label sketch moved from one side to the other equal distance across the part depending on configurations (right hand, left hand) now the logo's only external relationship it the circle centerpoint and a edge and everytime I change configurations it errors out and the logo stays on the wrong side of the part, it even updates a driving diminsion even though it is set to 1 number for all configurations, so what am I missing as I feel I am chasing my tail as I fix one configuration and all is good all sketches fully defined no errors and then when I switch configurations its all errored out again.


I have tried converting edges, making independent sketch segments, lines, splines and it all gets me some sort of error when I go to change the configurations.


I am using SW 2015 SP04 for this.


so anyone have this issue or got a posible solution?