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creating revision of assembly and drawing

Question asked by Marty Winters on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by Scott Kramer

I have an assembly and an associated drawing for that assembly.  I need to create a revision of the assembly and associated revised drawing.  I ran into problems last time with keeping the 2 files linked and basically had to recreate the drawing. 


I think I would like to save the assembly with a new file name (increment rev #) and also create a copy of the drawing file with incremented file name that references the new assembly.  Then I could start modifying the assembly and the new drawing file would be properly linked and update.  However, I don't see a way that I can create both new files at once.  And I can't find a way to change the assembly links on a drawing file (if I make a copy of the drawing file 2nd).


Note that I do not have a PDM system.


Is there a proper way to do this?