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    Design Tree Sort

    Hrituc Alexandru


      I want to sort component from design tree, and if found a folder to ignore it...

      From example i have this:


      After i run the macro, obtain this:

      2.jpg 3.jpg

      Why all components are inserted in folder????? inside the folder are sorted correctly, but useless...

      How can write so if find a folder to ignore it????...and obtain this:




      this is the code i use:


      Option Explicit



      Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

      Dim Part As ModelDoc2

      Dim swAssyDoc As AssemblyDoc

      Dim selMgr As SelectionMgr

      Dim boolstatus As Boolean

      Dim longstatus As Long, longwarnings As Long

      Dim source As Object

      Dim target As Object

      Dim components As Variant

      Dim swComp As Component2

      Dim nComponents As Integer

      Dim sArray() As String

      Dim iArray() As Integer

      Dim i As Integer

      Dim x As Integer

      Dim y As Integer

      Dim sTemp As String

      Dim iTemp As Integer



      Sub main()



      Set swApp = Application.SldWorks



      Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc

      Set swAssyDoc = Part

      Set selMgr = Part.SelectionManager



      ' Get all the top level components

      components = swAssyDoc.GetComponents(True)



      ' Get the upper bound of  array of components

      nComponents = UBound(components)

      ReDim sArray(nComponents)

      ReDim iArray(nComponents)



      ' Add component name and index to arrays

      For i = 0 To nComponents

          Set swComp = components(i)

          sArray(i) = swComp.Name2

          iArray(i) = i

      Next i



      ' Do a bubble sort on the arrays

      For x = 0 To (nComponents - 1)

          For y = (x + 1) To nComponents

              If sArray(x) > sArray(y) Then

                  sTemp = sArray(x)

                  iTemp = iArray(x)

                  sArray(x) = sArray(y)

                  iArray(x) = iArray(y)

                  sArray(y) = sTemp

                  iArray(y) = iTemp

              End If

          Next y

      Next x



      ' Reorder the components in reverse order

      For i = (nComponents - 1) To 0 Step -1

          boolstatus = swAssyDoc.ReorderComponents(components(iArray(i)), components(iArray(i + 1)), swReorderComponents_Before)

      Next i



      End Sub