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I'm having trouble loading 2016 onto a macbook /virtualbox

Question asked by Outcast Studios on Jan 24, 2016
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im an idiot so bear with me. i just bought a macbook to replace my old macbook. i was running VB with XP and i could run solid works fine. i then bought a desktop system to run solid works on and purchased 2015 last year. i now want to run 2016 on the new mac. i installed VB and created a new 'computer' i paid for and dl'd Windows 10 64 bit i installed it with 3g of disk space. i then realized MY MAC DOESNT HAVE A CD DRIVE! so short of buying an external is there a way to dl my 2016 directly to the windows machine? also the VB is kind of sluggish with the mouse response anyone else out there have a nice setup for this environment? thanks.