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How to insert Diagonal Line in a Cell of SolidWorks BOM?

Question asked by Hassan Khan on Jan 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by Tim Taby

How to insert diagonal line in SolidWorks BOM Cell where we don't have specific information as shown here.

This is a standard format we follow but facing problem in SolidWorks to auto generate BOM like as it is...

Initially It was created manually.          


We have now well defined custom properties for each part to directly influence the auto BOM in solidWorks Drawing.

But having the issue to assign a diagnal line in each cell where the information is not being put due to certain reasons.


I have been looking for the solution since last Friday but the issue still remains the same while I have been trying for Excel Based BOM as well, but when I open the BOM in excel window and draw there a diagonal(split) line through excel custom Border formatting in each cell, and try to save it to be exactly replicated in SolidWorks Drawing, that's not working in my CASE.


Please answer the query if possible.



Diagonal Line in SolidWorks B.O.M.gif





This is the 1st one query from my side, as I never  need to ask it before.
The reason is no other than that, the queries have already been well explained but this is the one I was looking for since last Friday.
So better putting it here for all to share.

Hope the users will understand my point and will be answering it.