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Importing Step File in 2016 results in a Assembly Template instead of an Assembly

Question asked by Max Martínez on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by Baris Kilinc

Working on making drawings and Solidworks Assembly files for some Step files brought in form another software package. I've done this before several times without issue but I am getting a problem today specifically. Whenever I import a Step file into Solidworks 2016 today it's opening it as an Assembly Template. It opens as an assembly and you can see all the components and mates correctly but whenever I attempt to save it the software is forcing me to save it as a Template. When I change it to assembly it allows me to save it but is making me name and save every component individually, this will take hours with over 200 parts instead of giving me the option to save all like it has in the past. Any idea what's going on?


I've tried restarting the software package and my machine as well as checking my settings and reverting them to factory presets from install.