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    Report Generator - Need help

    Mark Kot



      Question, is it possible to create a report *.cdr that returns all the SQL data associated with a file. I mean across all the SQL tables etc.

      We have a bunch of files that are corrupted and acting weird. We would like to see the full "DNA" fingerprint.

      Ideally I would prefer that you input the file name (example 123456.sldprt) instead of dragging it in.

      Reason for the Input box is because:

      the files are in the Archive Server, are listed in the SQL database, are not deleted, but do not show up in the PDM Search or in the Windows Explorer's folder. (Even ADMIN will not see it, so it is not a permission issue)


      I'm totally new to SQL, and any programming.


      If anybody has or knows if such a report can be created, any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Mark Kot

          Sorry, I meant the *.crp Report.

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              Charley Saint

              It's possible but probably not too useful, the problem is that even one file would return hundreds of rows of data if you joined it on every possible table. It's a multiplying effect, so you'd get one row for each version times one for each configuration times once for each time it's referenced times once for each file it contains times one for each variable, etc. etc. This report will give you simple info about a file like if it's deleted in the documents table or the documentsinprojects table, plus info about what state it's in or if it's in a user's private state (never checked in)

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                  Mark Kot

                  Ok, I understand the multiplying effect.

                  I really appreciate your help.

                  One question for you Charley, do you know if there is an entry in some SQL table that prevents the files from being displayed in PDM Search.

                  The PDM Archive server has these files in their corresponding Hex scrambled folders. The SQL Database has these files listed, as present. etc.

                  But once you search for them in PDM, they don't show up.

                  Some show up in the actual folder, once you navigate to it. But some don't show up at all.


                  The only thing that we noticed is that the versions don't add up.

                  Some files say version 11/12. even if you get latest as Admin...


                  Again, Thank you for your help, any suggestions appreciated.

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                      Charley Saint

                      It could still be a permissions issue, Admin has permissions just like any other user. That sounds like a state permission, or possibly someone went rogue and deleted a state out of the workflow via the database. Could also be a bug that allowed someone to delete that state when files were actually in it. Check your client and archive logs as well to see if you're getting any errors, that usually a good place to start.


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                          Michael Woerther

                          I agree with Charley, it could indeed be a permissions issue. The admin by default installation has all permissions, but if you later add workflows, workflow states or transitions, it happens that admin does not get permissions for those automatically. To verify, go to the Users in the administration tool, double click admin and check his state, folder and transition permissions and verify he has full permissions for everything. In state and transition permissions tab, make sure you browse through all the workflows: