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Report Generator - Need help

Question asked by Mark Kot on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by Michael Woerther



Question, is it possible to create a report *.cdr that returns all the SQL data associated with a file. I mean across all the SQL tables etc.

We have a bunch of files that are corrupted and acting weird. We would like to see the full "DNA" fingerprint.

Ideally I would prefer that you input the file name (example 123456.sldprt) instead of dragging it in.

Reason for the Input box is because:

the files are in the Archive Server, are listed in the SQL database, are not deleted, but do not show up in the PDM Search or in the Windows Explorer's folder. (Even ADMIN will not see it, so it is not a permission issue)


I'm totally new to SQL, and any programming.


If anybody has or knows if such a report can be created, any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you.