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    How to convert .sldprt to a cad file for circuitry.

    Jeff Ackerman

      how can I save a .sldprt file to a format like Eagle, Altium, ODB   so my Printed Circuit Board fabricator can us.

      Can circuitworks open a part then save as a circuit file?

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          Jody Byram

          The best way to transfer a board outline to a circuit board format is through a neutral format such as .igs or .dxf.


          worst case:  create a solidworks drawing of the board, delete the sheet format, then save as .dxf


          Your fabricator should be able to import that in to any PCB software he happens to be using.


          Obviously since its a one way transfer, be sure to lock the board outline; also,  back import a .dxf or .igs of the board outline AND surface traces from your fabricator, to be sure he didn't inadvertently move anything, or run a trace in a location where it might short out to a nearby mounting boss or off-center washer.