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    Title block text on layer will not turn off

    John Reese

      In our title block I have line of text I would like to turn off in some drawings (a specification that may not apply on certain drawings)


      I have the text and a rectangle drawn around it in the same layer.

      layers on.JPG


      When editing the drawing, if I turn off this layer, only the lines disappear - the text stays visible.

      layer off.JPG


      When editing the sheet format, both the text and the lines disappear if that layer is turned off.


      If I make a block out of this, then it works.   I am trying to create a dual language border using layers - so blocking everything will not be an option.


      I know if I insert a block in the drawing, unless the block is not set to layer "none" - I will get this same behavior.    Is there a way to verify if the title block is treated like a block and if so what layer is it on?