Allen Harvey

Bug in Cosmos to Nastran Exporter

Discussion created by Allen Harvey on Oct 23, 2007
In case no one is aware, there is a bug in the Nastran exporter that comes with Solid Works 2007.When outputting material properties, the value of Specific Heat is reported as the Molar Specific Heat * 10^5. Why it's outputting the molar specific heat multiplied by that constant is completing unknown to me, but I am 100% certain the value in SI units ( J/ kg*K ) should be returned, as there's no way to work backwards to determine that value unless the molar mass is sent in the nastran file, but it is not.For example, taking aluminum, solid works says the specific heat is 900 and looking at a GEO file confirms this, but looking at the nastran converted file gives a value of .243*10^7. Because of this error, I have to manually modify all of the nastran created files from cosmos.