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Can I cancel a current running DraftSight command (e.g. line) so that a user command I have added to a menu can be invoked. currently clicking on the menu item is ignored if another command is active.

Question asked by Paul Farrington on Jan 22, 2016

I have written a c# addin for Draftsight 2015. The addin creates a DSAddinUserCommand object, and adds it to a menu. And when the menu item is clicked, my command is executed (it invokes a dialog) from the ExecuteNotify event handler that I have set up on my Command object , unless there is currently another Draftsight command active, e.g. a line command. Is there an event handler that is invoked when the menu item is clicked, that would allow me to perhaps invoke the AbortRunningCommand() Application method to cancel the line command and allow my command to run? or even just to run my command, and return to the line command upon completion ? Some of the standard menu items are able to do this, so I assume it is possible, but cannot see how.