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Swept cut problem: Path on an angled plane, I want to rotate but not twist the profile

Question asked by Max Crittenden on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by Anthony Sarrazin

I'm mounting a component of hardware on an angled base. I want the angled top of the base to match the component's footprint, but I want to draft the base outward so that its bottom is wider than its top. I thought I could do this with a path sketch on the angled top surface and a sketched trapezoid as the cutting profile. When I sweep the profile around the path, I want it to rotate to follow the path, but not twist (In other words, it should remain perpendicular to the Top Plane as it travels along the path). I don't see any settings that will let me do this. Is there a way?


The part is enclosed. Sketch 19 is the path, Sketch 20 is the profile. Any ideas? Thanks all.