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    Supported graphic cards for Visualize?

    Aaron Lehnhardt

      I'm am in need of a new graphics card and wondered if there is a list of supported cards yet?



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          Richard Bremmer

          It is pretty much the same as bunkspeed. The list at the Bunkspeed website is a bit old, nVidia profesional series with lots of cuda cores and if you plan to use on a daily basis buy four of them.

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            Brian Hillner

            Hi Aaron,


            SOLIDWORKS Visualize performs well on any machine out of the box, regardless of hardware. To achieve break-neck render speeds and performance, we highly suggest upgrading to an NVIDIA graphics card. There are several options from NVIDIA, but Richard is right about maximizing the CUDA core amount for your budget. The more CUDA cores, the faster the renders!


            Visualize supports NVIDIA Professional series cards, Quadro, which perform the best hands down. They are a little more expensive than the GeForce gaming cards from NVIDIA, but I believe you receive more/better support from NVIDIA when purchasing Quadro cards. We suggest and Kepler or Maxwell series cards from NVIDIA. With that said, a single M4000 will give you a great experience, and obviously using multiple NVIDIA cards will exponentially increase your render performance. A top-of-the-line M6000 might be overkill for the typical SOLIDWORKS user, but is the standard for the automotive industry, for example.


            Hope this help!