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    Changing X,Y orientation on an existing drawing/model

    Tim Herda

      This may be a rather elementary question, but I'm trying to find the most painless way to do it. I'll try and not be too wordy:

      The simplified scenario is, A customer submitted a drawing to us, which is very similar to one of our existing drawings. It's a alum. plate with specific hole patterns (just keeping this simple)  So I just made some modifications to our drawing for the difference and called it a day. Well on our drawing, hole A is on the Y+ axis, on theirs, its on the X-.  And now the powers that be would like our drawing to be oriented the same as theirs, so as not to cause any confusion. So first, Id need to change our Y to X- but than the fun part, is doing all this without my drawings, with multitudes of hole tables and such, not to go all haywire. Am I dreaming for an easy solution? Should I tell the higher ups to deal with it? Am I making any sense to anyone else?   Thanks for the help.