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Turning off standard shadow > problem ?!

Question asked by Ricky Goedhart on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by Anna Wood

I have written my problem at the bottom.


I would like to make some images with shadows.


I know how to turn off shadows and change their angles and what else but there is 1 type of shadow that I can't shape the way I would like.

I will explain with visual support


Image 1: the image with the most simple form of shadow.


image 2: the image with realview turned on
The shadow cast in this image is caused by Directional lights.




image 3: preview render without changing any settings.

You can see the shadow is cast to the front of the picture, not as seen in image 2 to the back.


image 4: Now I turn on the Shadows at Directional light1

This will make sure the shadow in image 2 will be visualised in the rendered image.

As you can also see on the right image.



My problem:

In the final image of the screw you can clearly see the shadow cast to the rear. But you can still see the basic shadow that can be seen in front of the screw.
How can I turn this shadow off, or change/adjust it to my liking.
In my knowing this shadow is not editable or anything..


Does anybody know ?